More stuff about my print business

PRINTS Fuji Matte – Fuji Gloss – Fuji SuperGloss – Fuji Pearl – Kodak Metallic – Fuji Luster (E-Surface) Entrada Rag.


There are many different sizes, as well as substrates available from high end papers, to quality high gloss films, quotes always available for non-sales items.
E-mail as well as phone calls for ordering. PayPal account for payment.
Facebook friends can message me for my phone

Go to my contact page and send me an email


An Example of Pricing For a 12″x18″ Metal Print

Sales every weekend.

Order by Sundays, 11:59 PM Pacific Time

The metal surface is naturally smooth, rigid, and with a hanger attached to the back. They are ready to hang right out of the box. This format also makes it easy to achieve the contemporary “float” display that is the current trend in displaying artwork.

124.95 for a 12″x 18″ metal print

129.70  Rounded corners

Normal production times do not apply to sale orders. Please allow additional time for delivery.

This is just an example of what my pricing will be…


“Kicking Off My Own Art Gallery”

I’ve been kicking the idea of a communications site around for years.

It’s time,… people have been asking, so everything is in place, printing, shipping, easy one step payment. I will be using Paypal. My prices will be competitive.

Though I will maintain a website for showing art, and posting a blog I won’t be using the website for marketing my art.

I will be using Instagram, Facebook to some degree, and word of mouth. After the 28th any new art you see on Instagram, or facebook, and in some cases on my website will be for sale. I also will do commission art if you have pics you’d like me to give a shot in my style.

All arrangements, communications, will be handled through e-mails, some of the correspondence will be handled through phone calls.

I will be putting money away from sales  for sponsoring artists, That need a helping hand, ie helping to make that 1st sale. Or whatever might come along where they need a helping hand. It won’t be much at first but Over time I hope it to be the major part of the business.

I’ve never needed much to get by, I’d be happy just to know the bills were covered and I could take a few extended road trips in the old 4runner, shoot video and pics, meet new people, hit used book stores, and crisscross all the backroads of this fine country.

“Vanity, and How to Lose Your Shirt”

I awoke one morning, 2013 I was living in Somers, Montana…

“I just saw your last piece of work, you need to get your ass out here!”

I had been reading my emails, a morning ritual.

The e-mail was from a facebook friend that I knew…at least as well as you can know anyone on facebook.

He was my only thread at the time to New York City, a place I hoped to get to someday, show and ultimately sell my work.

Well, before I finished my cup a coffee I was on Google researching Digital Art Galleries, Venues I might be able to show my work….

I want to qualify from the beginning that from that point on, all the choices I made are all on me.

No one twisted my arm up behind my back….(to be continued)

“My On-line Presence” 01-13-16

I’m building my own house…A metaphor for my platform, website, whatever we want to call this.

Parts of the house will always be under construction. In time I hope to make it feel like my home.

I will be posting art. As time passes so will the media. Prints and hands on art will be for sale.

I will handle those sorts of activity via e-mail, if they’re prints I will handle the press checks, sign the the pieces myself, their will rarely be electronic signatures.

Showing, and marketing my art, won’t be the endgame for this site.

From here on out it will be a journal first, as time goes on it will be a sort of summing up of the past and present.

I’m painting this with a broad brush for the moment…simply wanted to get it off the ground.

“Feeling my way around my site”

Today I spent most the day trying to find my “Administrative dashboard” for my WordPress site. I will be fumbling around with the different tools…the ins and outs of this place… After I finally got in here, I realized I have a daunting task ahead of myself.


Finished a biography last night that fell short of my expectations. It just goes along with it takes an awful lot to get me off. It’s a good book and it points out some great questions.
If you already know the question well then its easy to pose the question in a visual manor. The real trick is to approach the Question with a visual inquire aiming or searching for an answer. Maybe the artist knew… but the Biographer didn’t.
So it goes….
I took a break from “Infinite Jest” to read the book I just spoke of. I’m about half way finished with “Infinite Jest”.

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